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      Little Elska 2018 BRAND REP SEARCH.

      We are on the hunt for some little loves join the Little Elska rep Family.

      Search is open to Canadian & United States residents, babes from newborn - 5 years old.

      About Us!

      Little Elska has been around for almost 4 years now. We have grown from working at my kitchen table, to having my own massive studio. We have also introduced many new items this year, and we are looking for little loves to represent them!

      Little Elska represent quality and experience, and we want reps to represent our brand that way. Simple, clean & stylish.

      What are we looking for?

      We’re looking for families that we can work with over the course of a year and other the occasions that may occur over that period of time, so we take our Brand rep search seriously.

      We’re not interested in how many Facebook or Insta followers you have or how long you’ve been repping, and we don’t need your babe to look like they stepped off the cover of Vogue, because we know that all children are gorgeous.  

      What is important to us is stylish images, shot beautifully and regularly.  

      We’re ultimately looking for gorgeous natural kids doing what they do normally.

      Representing Little Elska 

      We’re interested in reps that love our Brand and are willing to represent us across your range of social media dealings when you see them.  

      For example, if you see someone asking about what might be a great gift idea for a first birthday or Christening, we’d love you to mention us, or if you see someone looking for first Christmas gift ideas, we’d love a mention. We’re not just after a few cute images, we’re looking for fans who want to be part of the team and help us move our brand forward.

      We also don’t ask that you post a minimum or maximum amount of times.  We know as a rep, that your feed is important to you, and if you take beautiful images you will want to share them, so that should take care of itself. 

      Musts haves

      • You need to have a gorgeous Insta feed that shows your style and flair for portraits, inside and out and styled product shots.
      • Take weekly images to a high standard.
      • Be active on social platforms and parenting and or shopping groups, and represent Little Elska wherever appropriate.

      To enter:

      >Make sure you’re following @littleelska and like our Facebook page.

      >SHARE this post on instagram with some details about your babe, name, age, and a short introduction to them. You are welcome to delete this when the search is over. Your profile must be public in order for me to see the post. 

      >Make sure you use the hashtag #littleelskababes and #littleelska on your Insta post.

      >PM us on the Little Elska Facebook page if you have any questions.


      • Term can run for 3-12 months+. You may be offered multiple products during this time, or bears for other children in the family if your images are regular, good quality and well received. 
      • Brand reps will be required to post images showing our personalized stuffies and or gifts on regular basis, in a variety of styles and settings all with the embroidery clearly showing.
      • Our term can last over a year and include Christmas, Easter, Births & Birthdays and other special occasions that may occur during the period.
      • Images are required on a weekly basis (Friday).
      • Reps are required to be active across social media, parenting and shopping groups, and to promote and recommend Little Elska where appropriate.
      • The amount of followers you have is not important, your child being a supermodel is not important, taking beautiful images, regularly, is.


      • Brand Enthusiasts are not required to purchase anything.
      • There is no minimum posting requirement to your profile, but support is welcomed and appreciated.
      • Little Elska brand reps will be tagged and promoted widely across our social media platforms, and are considered part of our long term brand rep family.  
      • Featured regularly in blogs, insta, Insta stories and Facebook posts and stories as well as advertising.
      • Exposure to 64k facebook followers and 4k Insta.

      Please read and understand our terms thoroughly, so we can get the right fit for both parties. We receive many entries, so, to keep track of them all please enter via the instructions, if you have any questions, please PM us on Facebook.

      Looking forward to meeting and welcoming some lovely new families.

      Our search will run on an ongoing basis, thank you for showing an interest in being a part of our team!